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Various Artists 'BAD BOYS FOR LIFE': - double *DVD* : Most exciting People Like You Acts on 2!! DVD`s for a price of 1!!! CD!!!.

Featuring Live Performances Of Best Rocking Underground Artists of today recorded live on the "Where The Bad Boys Rock" Tour 2004!! Featuring: THE BONES, DEMENTED ARE GO, DIE HUNNS (featuring Duane Peters / US BOMBS & Corey Parks / NASHVILLE PUSSY), and DAMNATION.

Including Tons of Bonus Footage, Videoclips, Interviews and Specials of THE GENERATORS, THE BONES, BLOODJUNKIES, MAD SIN, ADAM WEST, VENEREA, THE REVOLVERS, AMERICAN HEARTBREAK & many others. Over 150 minutes playing time. ....CLEAROUT SALE PRICE!!!!...$19.99 (SHIPPING INCLUDED!)


raucd109.jpg GUANA BATZ 'Live Over London...Still Sweatin' After All These Years' *DVD* (CRDVD34): The first ever DVD to feature one of the Psychobilly scene?s most enduringly popular bands, the Guana Batz. The band began gigging in 1983, and quickly gained a deal with Big Beat Records.The Batz debut album ?Held Down To Vinyl?, released in 1985, went on to top the independent charts, with the follow up also reaching the top three.Guana Batz are still extremely popular, headlining festivals both at home and abroad.

The DVD features two segments, the first of which, ?Live Over London?, is an enthralling documentary, that displays the Guana Batz in their natural habitat. The eleven songs featured demonstrate the Batz' uncanny ability to provide excellent entertainment for their followers. Filmed at the most famous of Psychobilly venues, London's Klub Foot, ?Live Over London? features independent chart top ten hits ?The Cave? and ?Rock This Town?.

The second feature, ?Still Sweatin? After All These Years?, is once again filmed at the Klub Foot and is a live set of barnstorming proportions. Independent Chart top five hit ?I?m On Fire? is amongst the tracks performed here..........CLEAROUT SALE PRICE!!!!...$22.99 (SHIPPING INCLUDED!)

raucd109.jpg LINK WRAY 'THE RUMBLE MAN' DVD: The first ever DVD to feature one of the most influential guitar players of all time, the mighty Link Wray. Some of musicís most famous names have been in thrall to the guitar playing of Link Wray. Bob Dylan proclaimed Linkís song "Rumble" as "the best instrumental ever". Otherís that claim to have been influenced by the great man include The Who, Neil Young, The MC5 and The Stooges. Wray has been performing and recording since the 1940ís and enjoyed a U.S. million selling single with "Rumble" in 1958. He is still touring to this day, playing to a loyal following. Filmed during Link Wray's UK tour of 1996, The Rumble Man is a mix of live footage and documentary featuring an extensive interview with the man himself. The Godfather of dangerous guitar talks openly about his life, his music, the army and his collaborations and friendships with an array of stars including Hank Williams, Tex Ritter, Gene Vincent and Elvis Presley. The classic track "Rumble" is performed by Link and his band, along with his own unique versions of standards such as "Jailhouse Rock", "Rawhide" and "King Creole". ........$23.99 (shipping included!)
raucd109.jpg METEORS 'VIDEO NASTY & HELLFIRE CLUB' ***DVD***: The first ever DVD to feature the kings of the Psychobilly movement, The Meteors. The Meteors have been hammering out their no-nonsense cranked up rockabilly and rock n roll for the best part of a quarter century. Essentially the Meteors are guitarist/singer P Paul Fenech, legendary man of attitude with a guitar style best described as dangerous.

VIDEO NASTY and LIVE AT THE HELLFIRE CLUB, available for the first time on DVD, feature The Meteors at their blistering best and have been painstakingly re-mastered for the best possible visual and audio quality. Recorded on 21 December 1983, in front of a packed, sweaty audience, LIVE AT THE HELLFIRE CLUB features most of the bands early classics and includes three tracks not includes on the video release. VIDEO NASTY consists of four tracks recorded at Britain's 'temple' of psychobilly The Klub Foot in July 1987, the band's barnstorming set from the "Night of the Long Knives" all-dayer at the Hummingbird, Birmingham in July 1988 and promos for the singles Go Buddy Go and Rawhide. Also included is a recent promo for the single "Slow Down". 39 songs!!!!......CLEAROUT SALE PRICE!!!!...$19.99 (SHIPPING INCLUDED!)


VARIOUS ARTISTS 'Psycho Attack': A Psycho Attack was filmed at two Psychobilly alldayers in England in the late 1980's and early 1990s. 37 songs from some of the biggest names of the Psychobilly scene including The Meteors, The Deltas, Long Tall Texans, The Quakes, The Hangmen, Frantic Flintstones, The Caravans and lost more.

Track listing: THE KLINGONZ - Werewolf Boogie / THE TAILGATORS - Beat Your Meat / THE GRISWALDS - Happy Hour / THE QUAKES - You're Dead - Psychobilly Jeckyl / TURNPIKE CRUISERS - Doin' Shit - Somethin' Else / BOZ & THE BOZMEN - Everybody's Rockin' / THE CARAVANS - That's The Way It Is - Easy Money / FRANTIC FLINTSTONES - What The Hell / SKITZO - Witching Hour - Terminal Damage / LONG TALL TEXANS - Saints & Sinners - Get Back Wet Back / THE METEORS - Blue Sunshine - Red Riding Hood - Mind Over Matter - THE HANGMEN - Hang 'Em High - Down The Line - Little Bitz / THEE WALTONS - Here Comes That Train - Fat Drunk & Stupid - Devil In Diguise / THEE RAYGUNNS - Listen Pretty Baby - Crazy Cat - Shakin' In My Shoes / RADIUM CATS - Right Behind You Baby - Big Blon' Baby - Pink Hearse / MACAVITY'S CAT - Lady Alcohol - Jack Of Diamonds - The Devil Went Down To Georgia / THE DELTAS - Boogie Disease - Long Black Train - Ko Ko Mo. 'Zone 0' - Worldwide Play........CLEAROUT SALE PRICE!!!!...$19.99 (SHIPPING INCLUDED!)

raucd109.jpg VARIOUS ARTISTS 'Stompin' At The Klub Foot' (CRDVD42): This is the first ever DVD to feature the very best performances from Britain?s most famous Psychobilly club ? The Klub Foot. Throughout the mid to late 80s, Clarenden Hall in Hammersmith, London, played host to dozens of Psychobilly bands. The evenings were simply known by the legendary ?Klub Foot? name, and became notorious throughout the world for the raucous goings on. The hall was always full; sweat literally dripping from the ceiling. Some of the greatest bands ever to be branded Psychobillys appeared. It was madness.

Three videos were released in the early 1990?s documenting the era, ?Stompin? At The Klub Foot? features all three of these videos together for the first time. Five compilation albums were also released under the Klub Foot name and, highlighting the popularity of the nights, they all went into the Independent Chart top ten.

Amongst those featured are Torment (playing tracks from their Indie Chart top twenty album ?Three?s A Crowd?), scene favorites The Long Tall Texans and Demented Are Go, along with the celebrated Guana Batz (who feature their Indie Chart top five single ?I?m On Fire?).

track list: Batmobile - Bamboo Land / Wigsville Spliffs - I Got A Feeling / Torment - Rockjet - Uncle Sam / Coffin Nails - Psycho Disease / Caravans - Ball & Chain / Rochee & The Sarnos - Defrocked Priest / Batmobile - Ballroom Blitz - Cold Sweat / Rochee & The Sarnos - Eat My Teeth / Wigsville Spliffs - Home Run - Al Capone / Skitzo - House Of The Rising Sun / Caravans - Werewolf Bitch - Uncle Willy / Pharaohs - Listen Pretty Baby - Tomb of The Dead / Torment - Conscription Plan - Satisfied / Long Tall Texans - Who's Sorry Now / Demented Are Go - Old Black Joe - Frenzied Beat - PVC Chair / Valiants - Crash The Party / Coffin Nails - Ain't It True / Blubberry Hellbellies - My Baby's As Fat As Me - Plastic Pony / Pharaohs - Dead To The World / Rochee & The Sarnos - Beast - Eat My Teeth / Batmobile - Zombie Riot - Mystery Street / Guana Batz - Baby Blue Eyes - My Way - I'm On Fire - King Rat....SOLD OUT FOR NOW

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