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OUR ANNUAL CHRISTMAS SALE has started at FLYING SAUCER'S online shop! Our first installment of this sale spotlights the fine rockabilly & psychobilly coming out of Canada!!!! Canada is the home of such outstanding bands such as the Gutter Demons, Alley Dukes, Bloodshot Bill, Matadors, Raygun Cowboys & more, so we are offering all our Canadian CDs at low, low prices!!! See the list below (all prices INCLUDE shipping & oddly enough are in U.S. funds!!!?!) CDs for $12.99: BLOODSHOT BILL 'TRASHY, GREASY, ROCKIN' BILLY' ALLEY DUKES 'NORTHERN REDNECKS' GUTTER DEMONS 'ROOM 209' MATADORS 'HELLBLAZIN' RAYGUN COWBOYS 'UNDERWORLD BOOGIE' NIGHTSTALKERS 'TOXIC CESSPOOL' FARRELL BROTHERS 'THIS IS A RIOT' FARRELL BROTHERS 'CURBSTOMP BOOGIE' Various Artists 'ZOMBIE NIGHT IN CANADA' VOLUME 2' (double CD!) CDs for $11.99: BRAINS 'NO BRAIN, NO PAIN' Various Artists: 'ZOMBIE NIGHT IN CANADA' VOLUME 1 SUREFIRES '12 SUREFIRE HITS' CDs for $9.99: DEADCATS 'FELINE 500' SWITCHBLADE VALENTINES 'self-titled' ROCKET FINS 'C'Mon' CDs for $7.99: DEADCATS 'BAD PUSSY' DEADCATS 'MILLIONS OF DEAD CATS' DEADCATS 'BUCKET O'LOVE' ORDER FROM: FLYING SAUCER RECORDS online shop

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